Providing Unlimited Roadside Assistance to the United States & Canada Since 1926

No matter where you are in North America, you are covered with Motor Club of America. If you are looking for roadside assistance coverage and more then look no further! We provide our members with emergency wrecker towing, fuel delivery, lockout services, battery boosts, and more. We also have a list of other discounts that are included with your membership. In 2017, we are here to serve you with unlimited coverage and no contract!


Dear Future Member

Whether you’re looking for cheap roadside assistance or roadside assistance deals, you deserve the best bang for your buck. We pride ourselves on offering the best roadside assistance plans available. Whether you’re looking for roadside assistance for your car or motorcycle roadside assistance, we have a plan for you. Emergency roadside assistance is something that every driver needs. We have been accommodating our members with reliable roadside assistance coverage since 1926. 

Drivers often don’t realize that they need a roadside assistance membership until it’s too late. We don’t just offer roadside assistance plans, roadside service is what we do. As of a driver in the United States or Canada, we want to give you the best roadside assistance possible. You and your family will be our first priority at any time or day.

As one of the elite roadside assistance providers, we have put together one of the finest roadside assistance programs out there. If you have been looking for roadside assistance insurance that fits your needs, look no further. 

Let us give you  roadside services without the extra hassle. Motor Club of America is roadside help on a larger scale!

Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance

Why Motor Club of America?

Why should you choose Motor Club of America as your roadside assistance provider? Our members are important to us. 

No matter what time of day, we are one phone call away. Our unlimited roadside assistance plans include: battery boost, tire change, fuel delivery, wrecker towing, and lock-out services. 

The moment you need a roadside service, we will be with you from the beginning until you are back in business. We will call you back multiple times to ensure your roadside rescue went smooth and that you’re safe.

Motor Club of America has provided North America with the best roadside assistance for over 80 years. With over 7 million members, our members safety is our first priority. There are many roadside assistance companies. We provide unlimited roadside service to commuters all across the United States (except North Dakota) and Canada. We will provide you with unlimited emergency roadside assistance without annual contracts. We will never limit you on how many times you can depend on us. We may not be the only roadside assistance provider, but we are the original. 

During the 1970s, we have joined forces with TVC Marketing to give North America more roadside assistance plans and more great benefits. We have plans for every type of driver. 

Our MCA Security plan covers everyday commuters with regular vehicles. 

Our MCA Total Security plan covers members with RV’s, motorcycles, boats, dually trucks and more. 

Our Pro-Driver 4885 plan covers our hard working truck drivers with 18-wheelers. 

Each plan comes with more than just roadside assistance coverage. We accommodate our members with travel discounts, health-related discounts, and more. 

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About Our Roadside Assistance

Motor Club of America strives to be the best of all motor clubs. When it came to building one of the greatest roadside assistance clubs, we made sure that our members would be covered in every situation. We made sure to think about every driver in North America. Are you an adventurer that needs RV roadside assistance? Or are you into taking road-trips and are in need of travelers roadside assistance? No matter who you are or where you’re going, we will have your back no matter what. Here’s a list of what our roadside assistance includes and why you need it:

24 Hour Roadside Assistance Coverage  It is scary to get stuck on the side of the road in the daytime. Now, imagine having car trouble or blowing a tire in the middle of the night? Your family and friends won’t be able to get to you fast enough. What can you do? You can call us to come help you. Yes, even at 3 A.M. We will pick up the phone every time you call. 

Wrecker Towing  Is there a such thing as affordable towing? Of course! When Motor Club of America is involved, paying for a wrecker service is as easy an affordable as ever. Need a tow? Let us know and we will pay the best towing company in your area to come assist you. With our Total Security Plan, you can have your vehicle towed up to 100 miles! Auto Towing can be simple with MCA. You will never have to search for a wrecker service with great reviews ever again.

Lockout Service – Locked your keys in your car on accident? Don’t want to pay for this silly accident? You won’t have to as a member of Motor Club of America. Our auto roadside assistance membership includes unlimited lockout services. We will come unlock your car without damaging it.

Fuel Delivery – Ran out of gas on your way to somewhere? It happens to the best of us. Give us a call and we will have someone come to fill up your tank within 45 minutes.  You will never have to walk to the nearest gas station and back for gas. You deserve an emergency roadside service that doesn’t judge your situation and will help no questions asked.

Tire Change  Let’s face it. We all weren’t taught how to change a tire. One of the scariest things that can happen while driving is blowing a tire in the middle of a busy street. You will be able to call us and we will have someone come to change your tire as soon as possible. Tire changes are included in our most basic membership plan all the way to our truck roadside assistance plan.

Battery Boost Your car battery died and now you need a jump. As an adult, it sucks having to ask for help. Besides, everyone is busy living their own lives. It’s nice to be able to handle things on your own. A battery boost is one of those breakdown services that is crucial to have. As a member of MCA, there’s no need to worry about your car needing a jump. We will get it done for you and pay for it.


 Our Roadside Assistance Plans Include:

Roadside Assistance

Unlimited Battery Boost, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, Lock-Out Service & Towing Service (up to 100 miles)

Arrest Bond

Your MCA membership card may be used in lieu of cash bail bond up to $500 when involved in a traffic violation

Bail Bonds

MCA will arrange up to a $25,000 bond to release you when you are driving a vehicle and charged with a moving traffic law violation.

Phone Support

Call our toll-free 1-800 number anytime you need assistance. One of our 250 representatives will be there to help you with your problem

Attorney Fees

We will pay up to $2,000 for your attorney to defend you against police charges resulting from driving.

Stolen Vehicle Reward

MCA will pay a $5,000 reward for that protects your vehicle and discourages theft.

Credit Card Protection

We will reimburse you for the financial loss which you sustain as the result of the loss or theft of your credit card(s) up to $50.00 for each card registered with us at the time of the loss or theft, up to a total maximum of $1,000.00.

Emergency Benefit

Receive up to $500 emergency cash for Emergency Room or Trauma Center treatment received due to injury in a covered accident.

Daily Hospital Benefit

$54,750 Hospital cash benefits. You will receive $150 per day beginning the first day you are hospitalized as a result of a covered accident for up to 365 consecutive days

Accidental Death Benefit

Your estate will receive $10,000 when you die as a direct result of injuries received in a covered accident

Travel Assistance Program

Includes: Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation, Non-Medical Repatriation, Return of Remains, Visit to Hospital, Return of Child, Return of Companion

Free Discount Card

Our discount card is an easy way to help you and your family receive discounts on all of your Prescription, Vision, and Dental needs. You received a unique membership card allowing you to receive up to a 65% discount on prescriptions, up to a 50% discount on vision, and up to a 50% discount on dental procedures.

Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance

How Does MCA Work?

On the road, you should have a sense of security and comfort while driving. Things happen all the time that are out of our control but with Motor Club of America, you are covered at any time.

How does MCA work? We are associated with the most professional providers throughout the United States (except North Dakota) and Canada. When you need assistance, give us a call on our toll-free number and we will get someone out to you as soon as possible. We will then pay your roadside assistance provider for them to come and relieve you.  We will also check-in with you throughout the entire process and afterwards to make sure you’re okay.

Today, you will choose a membership plan that fits your needs. We will not be under contract. However, we ask that you pay the first and last installment of your plan. 

For example, if you choose our MCA Security plan for $9.95 per month then you will pay $19.90 today and $9.95 per month.  

After joining, you will receive a welcome email from us. You will receive your MCA information package in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.





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